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PSD to WordPress

How I Start a WordPress Development Project

Every developer has their own way of going about their coding so I thought I would share mine, for those who may be curious. #1) I create a local development environment. I personally use DesktopServer (this is an affiliate link but a genuine recommendation!) to quickly get local environments up & running and it saves… Read more

Organize Your WordPress Functions

The functions.php file of any WordPress theme is important, adding features and functionality to your WordPress site. Once you start setting custom image sizes, declaring custom post types, declaring navigation menus, establishing sidebars, enqueueing scripts & styles, etc., the functions file can get out of control pretty quickly. It’s incredibly easy to keep a neat & tidy functions.php with… Read more

A Time-Saving Tool for Custom Fields in WordPress

If you are a custom WordPress theme developer, custom fields are an essential tool in your toolbox. Instead of making clients navigate a confusing labyrinth of shortcodes to create layouts, it’s so much easier to have incredibly intuitive, straightforward fields to allow them to control their data. There is a plug-in out there that is… Read more

PSD to WordPress: Prepping the PSD for a Developer

I do a lot of PSD to WordPress projects and they continue to be my favorite type of project to do. However, the organization, or lack thereof,  within any PSD can mean a world of difference when it comes to the development time of any project. I love to operate at maximum efficiency and I… Read more

Web-Friendly Fonts: Learn ’em and Love ’em

I do a lot of PSD to WordPress projects. It’s my most common project type and it’s also the type of project I enjoy the most. One thing that I frequently run into is the use of non-web-friendly fonts throughout PSDs. If you are a designer, here are some handy resources to check to choose… Read more

First Steps into Custom WordPress Theming

Before I started working primarily with WordPress (98% of my work is now WordPress-based), I did straight HTML/CSS coding. This post is geared towards other web developers who are interested in taking their first steps into WordPress custom theming. WordPress Frameworks May Not Be the Best Route If you are trying to transition into WordPress… Read more


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