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WordPress Tricks

Help! WordPress Subpages are Showing 404 Errors

Uh-oh! Your WordPress homepage is loading fine but whenever you click to a subpage, you’re seeing a 404 error, even though you see them all listed under Pages in the WordPress admin. Don’t panic. All of your subpages are completely fine. This error can almost always be solved by going to Settings > Permalinks in… Read more

WordPress Shortcodes: When & Where to Use

I hate accomplishing complex layouts with shortcodes. Flat out, it’s one of my least favorite things and it is unfortunately a major part of a lot of ThemeForest themes, which is probably a large part of why I stopped taking theme modification projects. I don’t feel like shortcodes are intuitive to the end users of… Read more

SSL and WordPress

When you’re doing anything with on-site e-commerce checkout where you’re collecting sensitive credit card data through your website, putting a SSL in place is mandatory. SSL certificates can be¬†purchased through your site’s web hosting company or from a third party and come with a yearly fee. This fee is separate from any fees you’re paying… Read more

Want to change the WordPress admin footer text?

When you log into the WordPress admin dashboard area, down at the bottom you will see text that reads “Thank you for creating with WordPress.” While not an essential edit, I like to add my own tag on my WordPress builds that includes a credit link in that spot, as well. By placing this: In… Read more


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