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General WordPress

Getting Validated WordPress AMP Pages

I’ve set up Google AMP pages on a couple WordPress projects now and, depending on the suite of plugins the site is rocking, it can be far from a walk in the park. Here are the plugins I’ve typically leveraged to get AMP up & running on a blog: the Automattic Google AMP plugin and,… Read more

Why Is Your WordPress Site Loading Slow?

Optimizing the loadtime of your website is important as a slow loading website loses users and frustrates those that don’t leave altogether. Google also factors site speed into its rankings. If you’ve noticed your website is loading slow, here is what I recommend: 1. Run your website through a tool like GTMetrix. I personally recommend… Read more

Why Sharing Your Budget Helps

If you are seeking WordPress development work, odds are, you have a rough figure in mind about what you’d ideally be spending to get said work done. However, I frequently encounter what feels like hesitation in sharing a project budget. On my inquiry forms, I have a budget field and I would say 8 out… Read more

WordCamp Kansas City 2016 Speaker

I’m really excited to be speaking at WordCamp Kansas City 2016 for the third year in a row. The first year I talked about PSD to WordPress, last year I talked about Advanced Custom Fields and this year I’m talking about contracts. If you’re working with clients, contracts are incredibly important for both parties to… Read more

Custom WordPress Themes vs. Existing WordPress Themes

When looking to create a WordPress website, often one of the first items to figure out is whether to use an existing theme or go the route of having a custom theme developed. Here are a few pros and cons of each route. Benefits of Using an Existing Theme Smaller Cost: When pursuing an existing… Read more

Get The WhiP & More Inbox Goodness

Very few newsletters consistently grab my attention and are those which I regularly look forward to reading. Here are a two of my current favorites: The WhiP: If you do any work with WordPress, I would highly recommend signing up for The WhiP, a free daily round up of WordPress news and resources. I genuinely look forward… Read more


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