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WordPress Plugins

Why a WordPress Plugin Still Requires Work

“I want to add a feature, but it should be easy because I found a plugin.” I hear variations on this a lot from clients. If a plug-in is found that can do what the client is looking for, it’s often assumed it’s an incredibly simple execution. I mean, just go to Plugins > Add… Read more

Favorite WordPress Plug-ins

One of the many great things about WordPress is it has a massive development community who contribute to the WordPress plug-in repository. This means there are so many plug-ins out there that can make your life easier as a WordPress developer or WordPress user. Here are a few of my personal favorites: Advanced Custom Fields:… Read more

SSL and WordPress

When you’re doing anything with on-site e-commerce checkout where you’re collecting sensitive credit card data through your website, putting a SSL in place is mandatory. SSL certificates can be¬†purchased through your site’s web hosting company or from a third party and come with a yearly fee. This fee is separate from any fees you’re paying… Read more

Gravity Forms vs. Contact Form 7

As a WordPress developer, I become familiar with a lot of plug-ins, but there are only a few I can say that I truly love. Gravity Forms is one of those plug-ins. Before I bought a developer license for Gravity Forms, I was mostly using Contact Form 7, which is still a handy contact form… Read more


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