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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does WordPress development cost?

Because projects vary so much in scope from one to the next, it’s difficult to provide a standard pricing list for my services. The most notable items that affect the price of any given project include the size of the site (number of unique views/layouts not page count), advanced functionality requirements (e-commerce, member profiles, LMS capabilities, elaborate filtering, complex animations, etc.) and design complexity. If you are interested in getting a quote, please contact me. If you can provide as much information as possible about your project when reaching out, the process will be expedited.

What information do you need to quote development of a custom WordPress design?

For design to WordPress projects, the most accurate quotes come if I’m able to see the actual design I’d be building. If that is not possible, wireframes and/or an overview of the functionality included in the site and different page templates that would be involved will allow me to at least roughly ballpark costs for you. Because the project can shift a bit as the final design comes together, I never commit to a final firm development rate ahead of seeing the actual final design files to be built, however.

What information do you need to quote a Shopify build?

For design to Shopify projects, the most accurate quotes come if I’m able to see the actual design I’d be building. If that is not possible, wireframes and/or an overview of the functionality included in the site and different page templates that would be involved will allow me to at least roughly ballpark costs for you. I won’t commit to a final number without seeing the final design files, however. If you need custom email templates developed for Shopify notifications, including that information is most helpful, as well.

What type of files do you work with?

You name it and I’ve probably worked with it. I most commonly work with Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma and Illustrator. I’m also experienced with working with tools that integrate with design files for development handoff, such as Zeplin and Avocode.

When you build a custom WordPress project, what do you use? A framework? Modify an existing theme?

I’ve stepped into different approaches based on agency preferences, such as using a certain starter theme (Tonik, Sage, Understrap, a preferred agency internal custom starter theme, etc.) If I call the shots on how it’s developed, I prefer to use a starter theme of my own creation that uses Sass and includes Gulp to do things like CSS & JS minification, image optimization and similar. Again, if you have a certain development workflow you need someone to follow, happy to chat specifics about that.

Can you fix something broken on my WordPress site?

If this is for an outside project, unfortunately I won’t be able to field that. You may want to check out Codeable, where you can post tasks to a list of WordPress experts.

I found a theme on WooThemes/ThemeForest/Elegant Themes/etc. that I want to use, will you help me set it up and customize it?

Unfortunately, my focus is fully on custom builds right now and I’m not currently taking on any theme modification projects so I won’t be able to help here. You may want to check out Codeable, where you can post tasks to a list of WordPress experts.

I want a site exactly like one in your portfolio, can you sell me the theme?

I’m so glad to hear you love a project I’ve done to that degree! However, I build almost exclusively one-off custom builds so a majority of the projects that I do are based on designs created specifically for the end client. Any theme based off those designs are exclusively for their use, as well. That being said, I can’t sell you the theme any project uses.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept PayPal, checks and all major credit cards. All invoicing is done through Freshbooks.

Do you bill by the hour or do flat fees?

For a majority of projects, I do flat fees for the project. Smaller engagements after the initial build may be done on an hourly basis but typically, I find project rates work best for most of the projects that I take on.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A deposit equal to 50% of the project fee is due before any work begins with the remainder being payable upon completion.

What is the average turnaround time?

For design to WordPress or design to Shopify projects, it averages between 3-5 weeks, depending on the size of the site. Sometimes sites are incredibly small & basic and can be knocked out faster or are complex enough to warrant a longer timeline. If your project is on a tight schedule and needs an expedited turnaround, I am willing to accommodate rush-rated projects if my workload allows. The best thing to do is just reach out about your specific project and I can get you more exact information on what the turnaround would be based on my existing schedule.

Do you outsource any of your work?

I do not outsource any of my development to third parties. Any projects going through me are coded directly by me. I am not interested in any outsourcing development arrangements or partnerships.

If someone is looking for design in addition to development, I do make design recommendations based on project requirements. However, these partnerships are always fully transparent.

Are there design limitations with WordPress or Shopify?

You’re definitely not locked into any type of layout when using WordPress or for a majority of pages on Shopify. The checkout pages on Shopify are the ones that cannot be fully designed and built out from scratch as it does follow the Shopify flow. However, the rest of the experience can be built how you’d like.

What is your role in search engine optimization?

I do work to optimize every project of mine for search engines in terms of technical SEO such as using header tags appropriately to create a hierarchical content structure, providing SEO metadata and alt tag control via the backend, including relevant schema markup and using valid, standards-compliant code. However, I don’t offer content strategy guidance on specific keywords to target or anything of that nature. I just make sure nothing is standing in the way on the code side when it comes to SEO performance. Technical SEO does not guarantee strong search engine performance standalone and should work hand-in-hand with content optimization and other marketing. If interested in more extensive SEO services beyond technical SEO, please let me know & I can advise appropriately.

What is your role in ADA compliance?

I am more than happy to work with any client on implementing specific ADA recommendations into their site. I do not personally handle comprehensive ADA website reviews to provide those recommendations on my end. I do follow general best practices when it comes to development & ADA compliance, however. If there is a specific ADA level you wish to adhere to in any build, please provide the information upfront and I’m happy to do what needs to be done on the development side for it. Because WordPress websites are largely powered by client-generated content, as well as other factors are involved beyond development such as design choices like contrast and similar, I cannot guarantee any build meets and continues to adhere to a certain ADA level on my own.

Do you offer any client support after a project has launched?

If your site is built on WordPress, there will be ongoing updates for both the WordPress core & any utilized WordPress plug-ins. While these updates can be pushed through in the admin without requiring a developer, if preferable, monthly support packages are available that take care of these type of updates, as well as handle things like making complete site backups and other tasks to ensure your site is running smoothly & securely. At this time, I only offer support packages on projects I developed vs. any outside projects.

Is WordPress right for my project?

WordPress is an incredibly versatile content management system. If your developer can theme from scratch, like I can, then there are no limitations on what can be done aesthetically with WordPress. You have just as much flexibility using WordPress as you do a static site. The biggest advantage to using WordPress is it puts your website under your control. While static sites require you contact a web developer if you want to make any changes to your website, no development skills are needed when updating a WordPress site. It’s incredibly easy to make changes to your website whether you’re adding a video, editing copy, adjusting slideshow content or adding a new event to the calendar. On all of my projects, I also provide training specific to your project that outlines how various changes can be made using WordPress to make sure you’re absolutely clear on how you can manage your website moving forward.

I'm not really good with computers. Will I be able to update my WordPress site?

Yes. WordPress is extremely user friendly and the admin interface can be made super clear to where even someone who is admittedly not very good with computers would be able to update their website. I also provide training for every one of my builds that outlines how various updates can be made. If you can send an email or fill out a basic web form, you can update your WordPress website.

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