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Clean Up the WordPress Admin by Using Screen Options

January 15th, 2020

Have you ever logged into a client’s WordPress admin and noticed when viewing posts or pages that there are a bunch of unnecessary columns shown resulting in massively cramped views?

A screenshot of the WordPress admin showing a bunch of unnecessary columns that could be eliminated using Screen Options
A screenshot of the WordPress admin with all columns visible

So much useless information is displayed there and columns could easily be eliminated to result in much cleaner views, like this:

A screenshot of the WordPress admin illustrating a cleaned up view after using Screen Options
A cleaned up version of the WordPress admin after utilizing Screen Options

Isn’t that SO much better?

It’s incredibly simple to get rid of columns that you don’t need in your admin views and clear out some clutter. When you go to Posts > All Posts or Pages > All Pages, you’ll notice in the upper right, there is a tab that reads Screen Options.

A screenshot of the WordPress admin highlighting the Screen Options location

When you expand this tab, you’ll see simple checkboxes that can be toggled on or off to hide column visibility. You can also do things within this area like change the number of posts or pages you see per admin page and adjust the view. This often-overlooked area is extremely handy! Don’t sleep on Screen Options!

I also made a quick YouTube video highlighting how you can easily clean up the WordPress admin by making use of Screen Options.

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