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WordPress Consulting

Service Overview

Are you exploring building a new project in WordPress and you aren’t quite sure the best approach? Are you not sure if what you want to do is even best suited for WordPress? Do you want to put a gameplan together for a build to hand off to your internal development team that breaks down site architecture and highlights WordPress plugins that may be a great fit to leverage? Are you looking for a WordPress consultant to offer insight on an upcoming project?

I’ve been building custom WordPress websites for over a decade. I can bring my years of experience to the table to ensure your project is on the pathway for success.

If you need assistance determining your WordPress project requirements and scope of work, as well as identifying the right existing solutions that can be leveraged or guidance on custom work that will need to be done, I’m here to help.

If you are interested in scheduling a consulting call for your next WordPress project, please get in touch.

Let's get started

Expert WordPress Consultant

I've been working with the WordPress platform for over a decade and I've personally coded hundreds of custom themes. Advice will be drawn from my years of directly relevant experience.

WordPress Site Architecture

Not sure how to approach your project's content? I can help you identify what makes sense as custom post types, custom taxonomies or is simply a best fit for a custom page template. I'll make sure you walk away with actionable insights on how to set up your project in WordPress.

WordPress Design Prep

Do you need advice on what design work is needed for your WordPress project? Let's break down the views required and tackle the areas designers often overlook so you can guide your designer(s) to make sure all your project's bases are covered.

Project Timeline Insights

Are you aiming for a specific launch date? I'll help you realistically work backwards from that to determine key milestone dates that should be hit leading up to it like design completion, development wrap, QA/testing periods and more.

Client Testimonials


Kristin was incredibly accommodating and flexible. She always met deadlines and clearly communicated with both myself and the client. She is very organized and most importantly, she doesn’t gloss over the details. Certain aspects of our project were very detail-oriented and Kristin took the time to understand the requirements and the details in the visual design. I would hire her again and definitely recommend her as a WordPress developer.

Kelly Housholder | From Scratch Design

I’ve hired Kristin to work on multiple sites for my clients and each time she has executed a flawless project start to finish. I am a designer and I’m extremely detailed oriented. I was so pleased to find that Kristin is as well! Her communication and adherence to our timeline were impeccable. My favorite thing about her process is that she sent many checkins per week to let me know the status of the project and keep me posted on how things were going. When an issue arose, she was on it offering me multiple solutions. I will hire her again for sure!