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Rebuild WordPress Site

Service Overview

Is your existing WordPress site creating constant issues? Is your site a jumbled mess of WordPress plugins? Is your site running incredibly slow and suffering in search engine rankings? The problem likely isn’t WordPress. Your WordPress website is more than likely just built incorrectly.

I’ve talked to many clients who have negative impressions of WordPress because of a bad past experience with the platform. Unfortunately, while WordPress isn’t problematic, it is incredibly easy to make a mess of if you don’t know how to build in it correctly. If your original developer poorly hacked away at an existing theme, added a ton of unnecessary plugins or modified WordPress core directly then told you never to update, those are all red flags of a poor WordPress website build.

I’m happy to work with you to rebuild your site the correct way in WordPress, even starting from scratch, if necessary. We can work to eliminate unnecessary plugins, fix problem areas in your WordPress installation, optimize assets & overall live site loadtime and more.

To get a quote for a WordPress cleanup & rebuild, just shoot over details about your current project. WordPress rebuilds are flat-rated based on overall project scope.

Let's get started

Your Local WordPress Expert

I've been working with WordPress for over a decade. I'm not dependent on plugins and page builders to get the job done. Regardless of what functionality your project includes, I'll know the best way to achieve it in WordPress.

Pixel-Perfect WordPress Rebuild

If you love how your current site looks, I can keep it looking exactly as is. Getting things cleaned up in the backend of your site so everything is in tip top shape behind the scenes is prioritized in a rebuild.

Reliable WordPress Developer

Many have bad experiences with missed deadlines and unresponsive freelancers. I keep a close eye on my workload to ensure I hit every deadline. Communication lines are kept open during a build so you always know project status.

WordPress Site Improvements

When reviewing your existing site, I'm happy to make suggestions if I see ways your site can be improved. Whether that's better optimizing for search engines, correcting ADA compliance issues, UX suggestions and more, I'll make sure your WordPress rebuild is a success.

Client Testimonials

Kelly Housholder | From Scratch Design

I’ve hired Kristin to work on multiple sites for my clients and each time she has executed a flawless project start to finish. I am a designer and I’m extremely detailed oriented. I was so pleased to find that Kristin is as well! Her communication and adherence to our timeline were impeccable. My favorite thing about her process is that she sent many checkins per week to let me know the status of the project and keep me posted on how things were going. When an issue arose, she was on it offering me multiple solutions. I will hire her again for sure!


Kristin was incredibly accommodating and flexible. She always met deadlines and clearly communicated with both myself and the client. She is very organized and most importantly, she doesn’t gloss over the details. Certain aspects of our project were very detail-oriented and Kristin took the time to understand the requirements and the details in the visual design. I would hire her again and definitely recommend her as a WordPress developer.

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