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Convert Website to WordPress

Service Overview

If your website’s update process is tedious or completely out-of-reach to those without coding experience, it can definitely wear on you. Paying a developer to make changes every time you want to add a service or change copy can be costly. Your website can quickly get out-of-date and stagnant. Migrating your website to WordPress will put your website back in your control.

If you need to convert Wix to WordPress, Shopify to WordPress, Drupal to WordPress, Joomla to WordPress, a custom CMS to WordPress or even just HTML to WordPress, I can help. I can make sure your site retains everything you love about it in its existing state when coming over to WordPress.

To get a quote, simply shoot over your website address and I’ll check it out. If you’re wanting to bring it over 100% as is or make some changes in the conversion, feel free to include those details. I’ll review your site and its existing codebase then circle back with a flat-rate estimate for the conversion.

Let's get started

Your Local WordPress Expert

I've been working with WordPress for over a decade. I'm not dependent on plugins and page builders to get the job done. Regardless of what functionality your existing site includes, I'll know the best way to achieve it in WordPress.

Pixel-Perfect WordPress Migration

Do you love the look & feel of your current site? It doesn't have to change. I can match any existing site in WordPress to make sure you lose nothing about your site that you love in the migration.

Reliable WordPress Developer

Many have bad experiences with missed deadlines and unresponsive freelancers. I keep a close eye on my workload to ensure I hit every deadline. Communication lines are kept open during a build so you always know project status.

Site Improvements

When reviewing your existing site, I'm happy to make suggestions if I see ways your site can be improved. Whether that's better optimizing for search engines, correcting ADA compliance issues, UX suggestions and more, I'll make sure your migration to WordPress is a success.

Client Testimonials


Kristin knows WordPress inside and out, is extremely fast and very professional. On top of that, she is also very easy to work with. I am not sure what else needs to be said. You will not be disappointed.


Working with Kristin was an excellent experience for our team. She was very clear about exactly what she was going to do for us and what she needed from us. She kept to her projected timeline closely, and even went above and beyond by doing things that she hadn’t quoted us for without complaint.