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A Time-Saving Tool for Custom Fields in WordPress

September 1st, 2015

If you are a custom WordPress theme developer, custom fields are an essential tool in your toolbox. Instead of making clients navigate a confusing labyrinth of shortcodes to create layouts, it’s so much easier to have incredibly intuitive, straightforward fields to allow them to control their data.

There is a plug-in out there that is beyond awesome at helping you harness the power of custom fields called Advanced Custom Fields. It’s a real treat to work with and the Pro version is well-worth the investment. It’s definitely recommended to have an understanding of how to work with custom fields outside of this plug-in so you’re not fully reliant on it. However, you will fall in love with this plug-in and how much it helps with custom theming.

Awhile back, I helped my friends at Milk & Pixels create a Udemy course to teach others how to use Advanced Custom Fields. You can get it for only $20 (over 50% off) by using the code:


Course Link:

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