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WordPress Security & Maintenance

Converting WordPress to HTTPS

Last month, Google emailed a warning to website owners that, starting in October 2017,¬†Google Chrome would begin marking any page with a form as “not secure” if your site was not protected with SSL. I have a (very effective) Quick Connect form on the footer of every single page of my site, meaning my entire… Read more

Prevent WordPress Website Hacks

When it comes down to it, it’s not the WordPress site itself but the people managing the WordPress site that have both the best chance of preventing a hack and the best chance of causing one. The two most common reasons I see behind WordPress hacks are: Weak Admin Passwords: A quick Google search will… Read more

How Many WordPress Plug-ins Is Too Many Plug-ins?

One huge advantage to using WordPress is there is such a large, passionate family of developers that are constantly working on both the core of WordPress to improve it overall and building handy plug-ins for additional functionality. There is a plug-in out there to do almost anything. There are 38,000+ plug-ins available in the… Read more

WordPress Security

With all the news of WordPress sites being the target of brute force attacks, I thought I would make a post that touches on the security of WordPress. Years ago, WordPress had every new install start with an “admin” administrator level account. Now when you install WordPress, you are able to choose a username for… Read more

Backing Up Your WordPress Website

While security is very important to WordPress, bad things can happen, just as they can on any other site. Websites can be hacked, updates can go wrong, servers can go down, etc. You can sleep more soundly at night if you know your bases are covered with WordPress backups. Some hosting companies do make automatic… Read more


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