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A Love Letter to the Clarify App

May 2nd, 2013

I stumbled across this gem of a Mac app through a bundle on MacHeist. Clarify was packaged together with some other awesome applications like Fantastical for the bargain basement price of $9.99. I couldn’t pass that up but I genuinely had no idea just how much of a steal Clarify alone made this bundle.

Typically, on a custom build, I will make some screencast videos on how to manage the backend of the site but I was not accompanying it with anything in written form. I just felt a long write-up was overwhelming and it was ultimately clearer if clients could see what I was talking about when it came to how to update their site moving forward. Clarify has totally changed that and I’ve efficiently made clear PDFs to go with my custom builds. I can grab screenshots with or without delays, easily annotate them and add additional text notes and output a clean PDF with all of the notes.

Sure, nothing Clarify does is something I couldn’t do across a multitude of programs. Create a screenshot in a screen capture program, load it into Photoshop to make notes on the screenshot, take the screenshot and put it into a text editor to add accompanying text but Clarify combines all this noise into one simple application that makes that process so much more efficient. I am just so, so happy I stumbled across this gem of an app.

If you are in a position where making instructional PDFs that include screenshots would be beneficial, I strongly urge you to check out Clarify! It’s awesome.

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