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Prevent WordPress Website Hacks

When it comes down to it, it’s not the WordPress site itself but the people managing the WordPress site that have both the best chance of preventing a hack and the best chance of causing one. The two most common reasons I see behind WordPress hacks are: Weak Admin Passwords: A quick Google search will… Read more

Custom WordPress Themes vs. Existing WordPress Themes

When looking to create a WordPress website, often one of the first items to figure out is whether to use an existing theme or go the route of having a custom theme developed. Here are a few pros and cons of each route. Benefits of Using an Existing Theme Smaller Cost: When pursuing an existing… Read more

Why a WordPress Plugin Still Requires Work

“I want to add a feature, but it should be easy because I found a plugin.” I hear variations on this a lot from clients. If a plug-in is found that can do what the client is looking for, it’s often assumed it’s an incredibly simple execution. I mean, just go to Plugins > Add… Read more

Help! WordPress Subpages are Showing 404 Errors

Uh-oh! Your WordPress homepage is loading fine but whenever you click to a subpage, you’re seeing a 404 error, even though you see them all listed under Pages in the WordPress admin. Don’t panic. All of your subpages are completely fine. This error can almost always be solved by going to Settings > Permalinks in… Read more

WordPress Shortcodes: When & Where to Use

I hate accomplishing complex layouts with shortcodes. Flat out, it’s one of my least favorite things and it is unfortunately a major part of a lot of ThemeForest themes, which is probably a large part of why I stopped taking theme modification projects. I don’t feel like shortcodes are intuitive to the end users of… Read more

A Time-Saving Tool for Custom Fields in WordPress

If you are a custom WordPress theme developer, custom fields are an essential tool in your toolbox. Instead of making clients navigate a confusing labyrinth of shortcodes to create layouts, it’s so much easier to have incredibly intuitive, straightforward fields to allow them to control their data. There is a plug-in out there that is… Read more

Get The WhiP & More Inbox Goodness

Very few newsletters consistently grab my attention and are those which I regularly look forward to reading. Here are a two of my current favorites: The WhiP: If you do any work with WordPress, I would highly recommend signing up for The WhiP, a free daily round up of WordPress news and resources. I genuinely look forward… Read more


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