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Organize Your WordPress Functions

The functions.php file of any WordPress theme is important, adding features and functionality to your WordPress site. Once you start setting custom image sizes, declaring custom post types, declaring navigation menus, establishing sidebars, enqueueing scripts & styles, etc., the functions file can get out of control pretty quickly. It’s incredibly easy to keep a neat & tidy functions.php with… Read more

Adding Google Fonts to Your WordPress Theme

Google Fonts is an often-used resource for enabling the use of additional fonts on websites. When using Google Fonts, Google gives you a couple of options for use including CSS import statements, Javascript and standard implementation via a link tag that looks something like: Instead of dropping that tag with the <head> of your theme, the… Read more

How to Theme a WordPress Login Page Without a Plugin

Customizing the login page for a WordPress site is a great thing to do on any client project. It’s one step that, although relatively minor, adds an extra touch of professionalism. There are several plugins out there geared towards admin customization. If you’re not comfortable working within the code of your theme, I’d recommend going that route.… Read more

Custom WordPress Themes vs. Existing WordPress Themes

When looking to create a WordPress website, often one of the first items to figure out is whether to use an existing theme or go the route of having a custom theme developed. Here are a few pros and cons of each route. Benefits of Using an Existing Theme Smaller Cost: When pursuing an existing… Read more

Why a WordPress Plugin Still Requires Work

“I want to add a feature, but it should be easy because I found a plugin.” I hear variations on this a lot from clients. If a plug-in is found that can do what the client is looking for, it’s often assumed it’s an incredibly simple execution. I mean, just go to Plugins > Add… Read more

Help! WordPress Subpages are Showing 404 Errors

Uh-oh! Your WordPress homepage is loading fine but whenever you click to a subpage, you’re seeing a 404 error, even though you see them all listed under Pages in the WordPress admin. Don’t panic. All of your subpages are completely fine. This error can almost always be solved by going to Settings > Permalinks in… Read more


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