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RescueTime to the Rescue

I have always had issues with working with timers for projects. I have tried to be more diligent about tracking my time multiple times but inevitably the timers lost their accuracy when I would do things like forget they were running and jump to another project or forget to start them altogether. Someone suggested I… Read more

Why Is Your WordPress Site Loading Slow?

Optimizing the loadtime of your website is important as a slow loading website loses users and frustrates those that don’t leave altogether. Google also factors site speed into its rankings. If you’ve noticed your website is loading slow, here is what I recommend: 1. Run your website through a tool like GTMetrix. I personally recommend… Read more

What Are Users Searching for on Your WordPress Site?

If you use Google Analytics for your site analytics, there is an incredibly easy way to find out what your users are searching for on your WordPress site from within your Google Analytics account. When logged into Google Analytics, go to the Behavior section on the left hand side. Under the Site Content section of menu… Read more

Using jQuery to Impose an ACF Checkbox Limit

I love Advanced Custom Fields Pro. Recently, I encountered a project where I needed to restrict a client from being able to check more than 4 options within an ACF checkbox field within the admin. Once the 4th option was chosen, I wanted the rest of the checkboxes to be in a disabled state. The way… Read more

Declaring + Using Custom WordPress Menus

With a quick little WordPress drop-in function, you can declare various menu locations within your theme. Most commonly, you may wish to set a main menu and possibly a footer menu for supplementary navigation items. I will typically also declare a mobile menu location, just in case my client wants to use a different menu… Read more

How I Start a WordPress Development Project

Every developer has their own way of going about their coding so I thought I would share mine, for those who may be curious. #1) I create a local development environment. I personally use DesktopServer (this is an affiliate link but a genuine recommendation!) to quickly get local environments up & running and it saves… Read more

The Magic of ACF Synchronized JSON

I love Advanced Custom Fields. It is an insanely helpful tool when it comes to custom theming. There is one trick that exists within it that I overlooked for way too long and it took someone pointing out its existence for me to realize it was there. Since then, I’ve tried to spread the word about… Read more


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