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How easy is WordPress to use?

March 29th, 2013

Various potential clients have inquired about the ease of WordPress when it comes to managing any site moving forward. Some express concern that they are working with limited to no technical skills so they’re unsure what WordPress will require.

WordPress Content Management Requires Zero Code Knowledge

The good news is you can effectively maintain a WordPress website with very minimal technical skills and zero knowledge of code is required. Content is managed through very straightforward text fields and in text blocks you have button controls that function much like the controls of Microsoft Word or any other text editor. Images can be controlled through easy to use upload fields where you locate the image file on your computer and it can be set up to auto-resize images to fit within certain dimensions if the layout calls for it.

WordPress Developers Can Provide Ample Documentation

For each of my custom built WordPress projects, I supply a set of screencast tutorials or PDF admin walk-throughs made specifically for your project that outline how various updates to your site can be made. I walk you through the steps to do whatever your site involves: perhaps it’s adding a new portfolio project, a new video, updating an events calendar. Whatever it is, I’ll show you specifically how it’s done within your custom theme and answer any questions to make sure you’re more than confident about your ability to maintain your site moving forward.

In my time working with WordPress and with clients who have varying degrees of technical skills, I’ve never had a client come back and be unable to manage their site through WordPress because it is too complicated. I think if you’ve had previous bad experiences with WordPress where you didn’t find it easy, you were likely the victim of either a horrible theme, bad developer or a combination of the two. I definitely make every effort to simplify even complex front-end features into super straightforward, easy-to-use fields. I think you will be blown away by how easy it is to manage your site with WordPress!

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